Military Level Security Recycling

Terabyter IT Disposal is fully licensed by the UK Government for the handling of Top Secret Data and the Secure Disposal/Recycling of Computers and Media Devices. All our clients receive this same level of strictly scrutinised service that covers our employees, vehicles, collections and processing

We are one of only six companies in the UK qualified at this level, and it carries an intence level of responsibility to have everything done exactley according to plan.

We tick all the boxes: Security is Assured – Environmental Friendly Outcome- Professional Certifications – Track Record.

Owner Managed

Julian Fraser with 20 years in the IT industry is the founder of the company and manages the operations on a daily bases. He has the utmost attention to detail and cares passionately about data security. He is an expert on secure data destruction and Information Assurance systems. He gives talks to industry committees and forums and writes on the subject to forward understanding and knowledge for all stakeholders.

Central London Walk-in Recycling Centre

We also have a Central London Walk-in Centre for customers to watch their hard drives, medial tapes, memory storage devices being granulated if that is what you prefer.

Secure Chain of Custody

All customers’ items and recyclable materials are collected or processed onsite under a system called a Secure Chain of Custody. This mean that we move everything in security sealed containers, items are serial number tracked from your possession straight into our shredders. Everything is traceable from beginning to end.

Confirmation of items received from collection will be conveyed to the customer form the operations yard.

Premises have tightly controlled access and all personnel are security cleared and vetted.

CESG Approved

Terabyter are approved by the UK Government GCHQ/CESG Agency for the secure destruction of classified information.

DIPCOG Approved

Terabyter are approved by the UK Ministry of Defence through their DIPCOG Committee and included in the P2P Catalogue and the ICS Catalogue.

ISO 27001 Accredited

We are ISO 27001 Accredited by a UKAS approved auditor. We are also ISO 9001 Accredited, however we as most of our customers will agree the 27001 Accredition is what matters in this industry.