Computer disposal seems routine and most people are only vaguely aware of the risk to their organisations’ or personal reputations, and in some cases not just their reputations but their liberty when dealing with information that is either commercially sensitive,: for example in the case of company IP (Intellectual Property), new products information that sort of thing, life endangering security risk; for example, soldiers’ personal detail including their addresses or their family’s whereabouts, and socially embarrassing or mentally damaging whereby patients records or personal information ends up on the internet or in the hands of criminals.

There are a number of ways you can reduce the risk when disposing of computer and electronic devices that contain (or have at some time) contained confidential data.

You can make sure that any company you are dealing with:

• Is CESG Approved for computer disposal, and not just using a piece of CESG Approved equipment for shredding hard drives

• Is DIPCOG Approved for computer disposal and secure data destruction

• Is ISO 27001 Accredited and Audited by UKAS Approved Auditors

These measures will go some way in providing the reassurance the people dealing with your confidential material have been security cleared and the systems they are using is audited. Terabyter IT Disposal has these qualifications and more for the security work we do. Make sure you have them at your service.