The Futurist Tomas Frey claims there is a new phenomenon whereby geeks with the capability to capture massive amounts of data are beginning to emerge. He is calling this; The Coming of the Terabyters’ It seems that the terabyte is coming faster than we assumed and it will have a impact on all of us.

We assume or rather the general public assume that computer power will keep going up and that we will be able to reap the benefits. Benefits such as more control over electrical devices and better navigation, but there is going to be a difficult aspect to accept to the computer power that is afoot, for example the difficulty in accepting that the general public will be able to track us much more easily and not just if we are using Facebook positioning. There will be so much information available on the internet that just putting in your name to certain search engines will be able to pull up a whole host of information relating to your movements in the past weeks. This can be a frightening thought for most people and the issue of staying out of the internet or if you like keeping under the radar will be an expanding industry sector. A possible opportunity for the inverse PR professional!