Terabyter IT Disposal specialise in server recycling and data centre decommissioning.  A total service list of server decommissioning includes, recycle server, server cabinets, server provisioning, server recycle, Compaq recycling, apc recycling, ups recycling, ibm recycling, hp recycling, dell recycling, server disposal.  Our decommissioning servers approach is managed through a secure IT chain of command and is fully licensed by the Environment Agency.  There is special care and analysis given to pre-start activity, this will include a detailed plan regarding the clients’ wishes when servers decommissioning is required.   Terabyter IT Disposal carryout much of the server recycling and decommissioning in the City of London.

Terabyter IT Disposal operatives are experienced in the decommissioning servers, including data centre decommissioning and electronic equipment.  There is a high regard given to pre-start activity and gaining an in-depth understanding of the clients’ needs.  The process is carried out under the strictest regime that has seen Terabyter IT Disposal as one of only six companies fully accredited through the UK Government Information Security Agency and the Ministry of Defence (DIPCOG).   A specialist recycling and decommissioning truck with industrial shredders will come to your site and security vetted personnel will carry out the process of the secure server decommissioning.

Terabyter IT Disposal be able to provide you with Asset Management cataloguing and serial number tracking that provides an audit trail.  All the equipment is handled under a secure chain of command and managed with the Government approved service which includes CESG Approved and MoD Dipcog Approved.  The equipment is recycled under the WEEE Regulations and licensed by the Environment Agency.  A Walk-In Destruction service in London is available by appointment, customers can bring server hard drives or other storage media and watch it being shredded.   This gives customers complete peace of mind when there is very sensitive information involved and reputations at stake.