We are a specialist Secure Data Destruction company, specialising in computer disposal; for example shredding hard drives, media tapes, and any other IT Equipment that may store sensitive data. Our procedures are monitored and audited by the GCHQ/CESG, MOD/DIPCOG and the Home Office as well as ISO 27001 UKAS Auditors. (Please See Certifications Page)Passport Recycling | Data Destructon


All WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) is recycled in line with the European WEEE Regulations and UK Environment Agency. Minimising environmental impact and in line with our Environmental Policy and Procedures ISO 14001 UKAS Approved.

Hard Disks Shredding & Data Destruction

On Site Data Destruction is one of the most secure ways to have media or computer devices recycled.  A specialised vehicle will come to your premises and you can witness Data Destruction the shredding process.The alternative way of witnessing the shredding process is to bring your devices to our Walk-in centre in Central London where on appointment you can see the process take place.

Off Site Data Destruction

Is whereby our security vetted and trained personnel will call at your premises and collect the devices for shredding and recycling at our premises.  There is secure containers and tracking systems available for thedata destruction transportation procedure to ensure that all items are accounted for.


Is a procedure where a very strong magnetic pulse is used to scramble the magnetic domains on data storage devices.  The devices are rendered unworkable as a data device and ready for recycling.  It is not suitable for all data carrying devices for example UBS sticks, Phones and CDs.  The service can be carried out On Site or Off Site to suit the customer’s wishes.

Confidential Paper Shredding

Terabyter will use the same high security procedures to dispose of confidential papers. The service is fully compliant with Environment Agency legislation and all waste paper is recycled. Certificates of Secure Destruction are provides

confidential paper shredding

Hard Drive Wipe & Data Destruction

cesg certified cctmData Wiping – Our data wiping service uses GCHG/CESG Approved software and can be carried out On Site at you premises or Off Site i.e at our premises.  Tracking systems will be used to ensure complete security and all items will be processed with a secure chain of command.

Secure Computer Recycling

Terabyter IT Disposal will collect laptops and computer media for processing from your premises at an agreed time using security trained and vetted personnel. The items will be taken to our premises for secure computer recycling. On arrival, the shipment will be PC-disposalschecked-in and we will contact you to confirm details so that you can be sure everything is complete. The items will be kept in a secure area until such time as we have verified your instructions. Once we have your approval, your data is guaranteed to be erased beyond known means of recovery and in line with appropriate CESG standards. When the job is done, we will issue certificates of recycling and of data destruction, ensuring you have met your duties under the Data Protection Act. We will dispose of computer disks, tapes and other storage media in line with the WEEE Directive

IT Disposal Centre London

IT Disposal London is a Central London Walk-in Centre facility that is specially set up for risks laptopsclients to come along with hard drives or other IT devices and witness the total destruction of confidential data.
Your stakeholders expect you to have the most economically and Eco Friendly services available to you.   That is not always combined with highest level of security for IT Decommissioning and IT Asset Recovery.   At Terabyter IT Disposal the highest security (MoD clearance) is combined with Recycling processes that follow (BATRRT) Best Shredder Teeth | IT DisposalAvailable Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

End of Life IT Disposal

Secure End of Life IT Asset disposal is what Terabyter IT Disposal specialise in.  There is a methodical approach to assets tracking and secure data destruction in line with the client’s wishes. Security cleared personnel and an owner managed operation ensures that data protection is paramount.
When we are dealing with IT Asset disposal we can catalogue all the items in your organisation’s possessions and assign barcodes to each item for your approval before removal and data destruction begins. Our Inventory Cataloguing service is ideal for those clients who lack the time or in-house resources to itemise their End of Life IT assets prior to disposal.
Terabyter IT Disposal are specialists in End of Life IT Assets and computer recycling but we are able to recycle not only your hard drives and media but also all IT equipment such as mounts, casings, cables, printers, keyboards etc.   All End of Life IT will be processed according to the confidential considerations relating to the devices and if they are containing data. Our disposal service ensures compliance with the Environment Act and WEEE: Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment Regulations, the Basel Convention and all other regulations relating to hazardous IT disposal.  Flexible service schedules can be set up for EoL IT disposal, where we are able to arrange regular visits eg. Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, in line with your organisation’s needs.

Secure Server Recycling

Terabyter IT Disposal personnel are experienced in the decommissioning of servers, including data centre decommissioning and electronic equipment.  There is a high regard given to pre-start activity and gaining an in-depth understanding of the clients’ needs.  The process is carried out under the strictest regime that has seen Terabyter IT Disposal as one of only six companies fully accredited through the UK Government Information Security Agency and the Ministry of Defence (DIPCOG).   A specialist recycling and decommissioning truck will come to your site and security vetted personnel will carry out the process of the secure IT decommissioning.
Terabyter IT Disposal be able to provide you with Asset Management cataloguing and serial number tracking that provides an audit trail.  All the equipment is handled under a secure chain of command and managed with the Government approved service which includes CESG Approved and MoD Dipcog Approved.  The equipment is recycled under the WEEE Regulations and licensed by the Environment Agency.  A Walk-In Destruction service in London is available by appointment; customers can bring data devices and watch it being shredded.   This gives customers complete peace of mind when there is very sensitive information involved.

Asset Management Recycling Disposal

There are a number of optional procedures available to suit your particular security needs:
Inventory Cataloguing
If you are short of in-house assistance in cataloguing items for disposal and recycling then we can provide this service at your premises.  We would assign barcodes to each item before they are transported to our premises or processed on site.
Hard Disk Dismounting
When hard disks are required to be processed but the equipment they are encased is staying in situ or being processed separately then we can assist with this.
Audit Trail on each item with Serial Number Tracking
Data Destruction Certificates and Waste Transfer Notes can be provided for each individual item.  This is in line with the secure chain of command that is integral to the service.
CESG Certified Destruction Service
The equipment that we use is certified by GCHQ/CESG and although there are a number operators that have CESG approved equipment there are very few who are providing a full CESG approved service i.e the procedural part of the service.     Terabyter is monitored and audited by the GCHQ/CESG, MOD/DIPCOG and the Home Office as well as ISO 27001 UKAS Auditors.  (Please See Certifications Page)

WEEE Recycling

Terabyter will collect WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) from your premises.  We will process laptops, monitorscomputer recycling | IT Disposal, printers, communications equipment etc.  All processing takes place in line with European WEEE Regulations and the UK Environment Agency.  Terabyter is registered with the Environment Agency.
Waste Transfer Notes are provided and where applicable Certificates of Data Destruction.
Terabyter operate with an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, audited by UKAS approved Auditors.