Your stakeholders expect you to have the most economically and Eco Friendly services available to you.   That is not always combined with highest level of security for IT Decommissioning and IT Asset Recovery.   At Terabyter IT Disposal the highest security (MoD clearance) is combined with Recycling processes that follow (BATRRT) Best Available Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

There are various options to choose from:

  • Wiping or Erasing – Overwriting hard drives in the device will be reasonably secure for lower level security requirements, and the devices can be used again.
  • Degaussing – Destroys data by administering a very strong magnetic pulse through the devices and scrambling the alignment of the magnetic domains that store the data.  This is reasonably secure for mid level security requirements.  The devices will not be useable again and will than go for dismantling and recycling.
  • Shredding – Heavy duty machinery shreds the devices into small granules and put them totally beyond recovery.  This is higher level security and may be used in conjunction with degassing beforehand; tapes and hard drives may be degaussed and then shredded before going on for recycling.

On or Off Site

    • On Site Data Destruction – On Site Data Destruction – Provides the reassurance of having any sensitive data totally destroyed before any equipment leaves your premises and is a useful option for secure IT disposal in many instances.
    • Off Site Data Destruction – Off Site Data Destruction – Provides a secure collection service and from your premises.   All personnel are trained and security cleared for highly secure operations.  Vehicles are tracked and all items can be serial number tracked from leaving your possession to being processed at Terabyter.
    • Central London Secure IT Disposal Walk-in Centre means that you have the option of bringing your equipment along and watching it going through a shredder and being granulated there and then.