IT Disposal Destruction | Computer IT Disposal |Data Destruction

Secure Destruction of Sensitive Data

Protecting Our Clients Data & Their Reputations

We work for organisations for which the security of confidential
information is a priority - by providing Managed Services for the
Destruction of Electronic Media either on-site at the customer\'s
premises or at our Central London Destructions Facility.

IT Disposal Destruction | IT Disposal

Military & Critical National Infrastructure

Approved Suppliers to the Ministry of Defence

Providing services for the treatment of Classified Data up to and
including IL6 Top Secret and advancing the UK Aerospace
Defence, Security and Space industries as a member of the ADS

IT Disposal Destruction | IT Disposal

Central London Destruction Facility

On the Doorstep of The City and Whitehall

We offer customers the convenience of a destruction facility
within 1 mile of The City and Miles of Whitehall. The short
distance enables rapid response, reduces in transport risk &
makes witnessing of the destruction process easy to arrange.

IT Disposal Destruction | IT Disposal

HM Government Certified Services

For Agencies, Local Government, NHS etc

On-Site and Off-Site Destruction and Recycling Services
approved by CESG, HM Government\'s Civil Authority for
Information Assurance. Services comply with the Security Policy
Framework and HMG Infosec Standar No 5

IT Disposal Destruction | IT Disposal

Financial Services Data Security

Destruction to FSA & PCI-DSS Standards

Data Eliminate is an ISO 27001 Registered Company. We are
able to assist City operators and and any organisations processing
credit cars transactions in complying with the stringent
regulations concerning privacy and data security.

IT Disposal Destruction | IT Disposal

Environmental & Quality Assurance

Responsible WEEE Compliant Recycling

Data Eliminate Ltd is registered with the Environment Agency
We operate an Integrated Management System which is
externally audited to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard
and the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

IT Disposal Destruction | Computer IT Disposal |Data Destruction

Financial Services

Secure Computer Disposal

IT Asset Recovery, IT Asset Management, Data Destruction

Finance IT Services

Military & Critical Infrastructure

National & Local Government

National Heath Services

Corporate & Small Business

Schools and Colleges

Computer Disposal IT, Computer and WEEE Recycling, Disposal and Removal

Computer Disposal

Terabyter Secure IT Recycling specialises in the secure disposal and collection of IT redundant equipment anywhere the UK. Our nationwide collection service is licensed by the Environment Agency to transport, collect and recycle computer waste.

We are a prinicipal it recycling company and it disposal company and holds a waste broker licence which is a legal requirement for destruction of computers and to recycle computers at our site of waste management.

Jobs of any size are accepted and computer recycling is provided from national centres including Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh &, Leeds.

Our vehicles can meet any IT disposal need. Vehicles ranging from small vans to articulated lorry’s are available with your computer disposal and computer recycling specifications.

Recycling of Computer Equipment 

Our range of computer equipment disposal services includes it collection, disposal of old computerscomputer waste disposal, it disposals, used computer disposal, disposal of computers, disposal of it equipment, computer disposals, it equipment disposal andpc disposal,.

The destruction of all data held on any it equipment collected is guaranteed and CESG approved software and CESG approved equipment is used to provide total and permanent data destruction .

Our range of it recycling services includes recycling old computers, pc recycling, computer recycling, it recycling, recycling computers, used computer recycling, , recycling pcs, recycling computer parts and computer equipment recycling.

From engagement through to disposal, a computer asset management system is an option.

Our computer recycling centre and organisation hub is based in London reaching all UK connurbations.

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Walk-in IT Disposal – London

For computer recycling and secure IT disposal in the capital Terabyter has set up a Confidential Shredding and IT Destruction facility in Central London.    You can bring your hard drives, media tapes or IT equipment along and watch it being shredded there and then.  This is convenient for customers that want to witness the secure data destruction but do not have the space or resources for us to come to your premises with our team and equipment.   .

CESG Approved

Our IT disposal services and equipment is CESG Approved and DIPCOG Approved for use in high security environments. We are one of only six organisations qualified for IT disposal at the highest security level of the Military.  The service is monitored and audited on a regular basis by Government agencies and UKAS Accredited ISO Auditors.  Not just when we visit their sites but every day of the week.  The CESG Approved IT disposal service can be carried out onsite i.e secure data destruction, hard drive shredding etc at your premises.  Or Offsite i.e collected in secure containers and transported to our site for processing


WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) will be collected from your premises and processed at our recycling facilities.   We are registered with the Environment Agency and all WEEE is processed in the most environmentally friendly way.  We practice the most security conscious procedures in dealing with WEEE and will take specific directions from the clients on dealing with consignments to make sure that all data carrying devices are processed accordingly and all residual data is securely destroyed.