TLC a WEEE recycling company in Leads has had its AATF approval from the Environment Agency removed as of the 4th of November 2011.

The Environment Agency spokesperson has confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation into operations of the business regarding the terms and conditions of accreditation.

This could potentially cause disruption to some of the WEEE producer schemes if they are buying WEEE evidence from TLC to meet their viable plan commitments. This is part of the statutory obligations for WEEE producer compliance schemes that they must have a plan outlining members recycling obligations.

The compliance schemes will produce viable plans as to where they can get their evidence for the following three years. The figures are extrapolated from the previous years’ figures and are quite specific about volumes. They can plan to use evidence from recycling sites such as council amenity sites or they can plan to buy up surplus evidence from companies such as TLC.

The snag might be if compliance schemes have negotiated a price with TLC, and then charged their member accordingly and now they may have to go back to the market and pay higher rate to fill the evidence gap left by TLC in their evidence. Compliance schemes are supposed to have contingency plans in place for this very eventuality.