TESCO has joined the WEEE recycling industry with a scheme at 200 stores nationwide, customers will be able to bring their small and medium sized WEEE to the store and receive gift cards or ClubCard points in exchange.

The TESCO Extra stores are now accepting computers and TVs etc this does not include the larger kitchen appliances. There was a trial earlier this year in North London at a 13 stores which proved successful and ironed out some of the problems before rolling it out to the 200 large extra stores.

The WEEE will be sorted and put in cages at the electrical services desk in-store, they will be graded according to value and points will be awarded to each item. The cages are then sent to a number of companies that Tesco are working with to have it processed for reuse or recycling.

SilkRoute UK are running the scheme and they have appointed Flipswap UK who are mobile phone reuse specialists and they will run an online platform for customers to reclaim their points on their ClubCard.

There has been five or six AATFs (Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities) appointed to handle the WEEE, these have not yet been disclosed but Tesco will be monitoring the processes and gathering evidence for the reuse and recycling procedures.

Tesco and SilkRoute UK have been sharing the setup costs and will share the profits of the scheme, a Mr Skinner a director at SilkRoute has said. He has also confirmed that they are talking to WRAP and other organisations about public funding for the scheme. This may raise a few eyebrows in these times of austerity, the fact that a huge cash rich company like Tesco could get public cash grants to run a profit making expansion of their business.