Customer Communication

– We will listen carefully to your requirement and make a site visit if necessary to establish what we can do for you.

– We will make clear all activities that we intend to conduct On site at your premises or Off site i.e at our premises

– We will make clear what costs are involved, both costs to time as well as financial.


Our operations are conducted under a secure ‘chain of command’.  This means that every aspect of the operation with every customer is tracked and monitored.  These tracking and monitoring systems are again tracked and monitored by the Government Security Agencies.  As we are one of a very few qualified to recycle devices from Military and Government sites they monitor us closely and make sure that we are carrying out operations at the highest standard.   Not just when we visit their sites but every day of the week on all operations.


Our personnel are trained to the highest standard and generally have backgrounds in the IT industry.  All personnel are security cleared and this clearance is monitored by the MOD as part of the qualification process.

Walk-In Recycling Centre

In central London we have a specially located site for customers to bring media and computer storage devices to have them shredded while they watch the process.  This gives customers the complete peace of mind in knowing that there is no possible risk of a data breach.

Our staff will process the paperwork.   You will then stand by the machinery wearing protective glasses and reach your devices to the operative as he/she places them directly into the industrial shredder.   Your will watch the granules come out the bottom and into a recycling container.


Our vehicles have tracking systems that are monitored throughout the day on their collections or onsite processing operations.
Specialist trucks have been adapted with industrial shredders and processing equipment in the back for onsite operations.

WEEE Recycling

All processing takes place in line with European WEEE Regulations and the UK Environment Agency.  Terabyter is registered with the Environment Agency.
Waste Transfer Notes are provided and where applicable Certificates of Data Destruction.
Terabyter operate with an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, audited by UKAS approved Auditors.

Confidential Paper Shredding

We conduct all confidential paper shredding to the same high standards that computer and media storage devices are processed with.

All paper is then recycled in line with environmental regulations and certificates of destruction are provided to customers.