A hard drive wipe is one of the options for secure data destruction  through a Secure Chain of Command that Terabyter IT Disposal takes where IT Equipment is due for Disposal and Recycling.  You can choose which type of Secure IT Disposal suits the security needs of your organization whether this is Hard Drive Wiping, Degaussing or Shredding.   Terabyter IT Disposal’s Secure Destruction of Data on Hard Drives and Magnetic Storage Media v1.0 is available throughout the UK. It facilitates compliance with UK and EU Data Protection and Environmental Recycling regulations (WEEE)    The CESG Claims Tested Mark (CCTM) scheme provides a HM Government quality mark to assure public and private bodies of the validity of security functionality claims made by service providers.

Inventory Cataloguing – We can catalogue all the items in your organisation’s possession and assign barcodes to each item for your approval before data destruction begins.  Our Inventory Cataloguing service is ideal for those clients who lack the time or in-house resources to itemise their IT assets prior to disposal.
Dismounting of Hard Disks – We can dismount hard disks and remove them from their casings. Terabyter IT Disposal are able to process both loose hard drives and hard drives (or other media) which are still mounted in an equipment housing or carcass such as a PC Tower.
Serial Number Tracking / Audit Trail For Each Item  – We are able to provide a full audit trail with Data Destruction Certificate and Waste Transfer Notes specifying full details and serial numbers of all items processed.

Incorporation of CESG Certified Service – We are able to incorporate elements of our CESG certified service into many broader data destruction assignments.
Flexible Service Schedule – We are able to arrange regular visits eg. weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, in line with your organisation’s needs.
Recycling – We are able to recycle not only your hard drives and media but also all IT equipment such as mounts, casings, cables, printers, keyboards etc.  Our disposal service ensures compliance with the Environment Act, Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment Regulations (WEEE), the Basel Convention and other regulations.