Secure IT Disposal in London and the risks that it poses

There have been a number of recyclers or rather scrap metal merchants working in the capital of late. These recyclers will certainly take away your redundant IT and computers for a small fee and provide you with a certificate to comply with the Environment Agency. However there is a huge risk when using […]

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Building the Terabyter IT Disposal Brand in London

Terabyter IT Disposal was started back in 1980. The purpose of the company was to build an organisation whereby customers would be happy, the company would grow and the local community requiring computer disposal would benefit from security and the environmental community spirit. This vision has been largely achieved. And with the […]

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Computer Recycling and Police data breaches

In December 2007 an Engineer in Devon found a computer hard drive in a recycling centre with confidential date from the Devon and Cornwall Police including telephone numbers ranks and qualifications of staff. The assistant chief constable apologised to staff for the breach of data security.
This was after a number of major data […]

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Good news for Computer Recycling from the WEEE Directive

The European Parliament Environment Committee has voted on the WEEE recycling targets. It has voted for an 85% target of all WEEE generated, although this is not the end of the negotiations as the European Environment Ministers in the European Council are against this.
Karl-Heinz Florenz made a number of other proposals for the […]

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Environmental Issues facing Computer Recycling

The disruption to the world banking systems and the present recession has had an effect on the Computer Recycling  business.   However with careful management of our resources, and focusing on providing quality to our customers we will come out of the recession in a stronger position.

It is important that the appropriate message is conveyed […]

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Computer Recycling Overshadowed by Hazardous Battery Collections

Computer recycling and IT Disposal has taken a back seat this week to the pressing issue of battery recycling. WasteCare has run a report this week stating that the level of battery collections in the UK is wholly inadequate with only about 10 per cent of batteries being recycled in 2010. This is significant because […]

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