New Percentage-Based WEEE Proposal

It has been reported recently that a new percentage-based WEEE proposal that would be part of the WEEE Directive recast – and much tougher than the current system will be opposed. The MEP that is responsible for getting it through EU Parliament has gone against it.

The European Environment ministers’ proposals through the European Council were this month […]

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End of Life IT

There has been research published in February of this year that claims the end-if-life IT mobile device such as smart phones and Laptops are a serious risk to companies and their clients.
With companies focused on IT recycling of larger items the mobile phone often overlooked in the whole IT Waste Management process.
It is estimated that […]

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Introducing the Security aspect to IT Disposal

Terabyter IT Disposal specialise in Secure Data Destruction. Computer Hard Drives, Media Tapes and any other IT Equipment that may store sensitive data are shredded and processed at UK Military Intelligence level. These procedures are monitored and audited by the CESG, DIPCOG and the Home Office as well as ISO 27001 UKAS Auditors. Computer disposal […]

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Computer disposal in Surrey

There are a number of computer disposal companies working in the surrey area. However most of them are what you might call scrap metal merchants. It is one of the most affluent counties in the UK and hence there is a significant computer disposal volume each month. The risk of a serious data protection breach […]

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IT Disposal Issues at the Start up Exhibition Earls Court

Considering the potential loss of data that is possible from third parties managing your system there was host of IT Services companies at the Start up British Business Exhibition at Earls Court today. I had a walk round and there is full system management, web management systems, web site building and everything in between being […]

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Computer Disposal Company has its AATF approval suspended

TLC a WEEE recycling company in Leads has had its AATF approval from the Environment Agency removed as of the 4th of November 2011.

The Environment Agency spokesperson has confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation into operations of the business regarding the terms and conditions of accreditation.

This could potentially cause disruption to some of the […]

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Computer Disposal at Tesco | IT Recycling

TESCO has joined the WEEE recycling industry with a scheme at 200 stores nationwide, customers will be able to bring their small and medium sized WEEE to the store and receive gift cards or ClubCard points in exchange.

The TESCO Extra stores are now accepting computers and TVs etc this does not include the larger kitchen […]

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IT Disposal & Computer Recycling for The City of London

Terabyter IT Disposal is in close proximity to the City of London and we offer a full range of computer recycling and secure data destruction services. There are a range of possible options for the business and organisations in and around the city to take advantage of. There is On Site disposal service whereby our […]

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Terabyter IT Disposal for Greater London

There is only a small number of ways to ensure that you computer are properly recycled or more specifically there is only a small number of ways that your confidential data can be securely destroyed.

There is the over writing of the devices and this will allow you to use the machines again or possibly give […]

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Computer Disposal will be the least of your worries when the Terabyters arrive!

The Futurist Tomas Frey claims there is a new phenomenon whereby geeks with the capability to capture massive amounts of data are beginning to emerge. He is calling this; The Coming of the Terabyters’ It seems that the terabyte is coming faster than we assumed and it will have a impact on all of us.

We […]

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